Jean-Marie LEROY


‘How great it is to create one’s team and figure out strategy, organization, positionning, and necessary management ressources in order to achieve one’s goals ?’

After begining his working path in a start-up, then as a Head in communication, Jean-Marie Leroy fonded, among other entities, Quadra Service Public, which is one of the leader in public affairs, its componants and a division dedicated to local Authority of Landlords.

First educated as a legal worker, he has worked during more than 15 years with economic leaders in order to boost the creation of close teams. As a management coach, to help them reach their targets.

It is to be noticed that Jean Marie is often asked to recruit sensitive and difficult  high level staff members as well as giving strategic advice to economic leaders. He is to keep going missions on a long run … keeping all time absolute discretion.

2003: Within Quadra, he created the public affair department and launched the estate division.

2012: He is appointed General Manager of Quadra by Henri Michon.

2014: Jean-Marie Leroy took over Quadra capital

2017: As an INAC international network member, Quadra has about twenty collaborators and associates and already several practices among the market leaders ; Administrations, Public Affairs, estate, territory management, industry, events, food industry, environment, energy, etc. He has often deployed his capital for main directors.