ear leaders,

The name Quadra takes its roots from a latin verb, « quadrare »; which means to make the projects of the executives directors we advise ” clear and tangible “,

A direct search Recruitment firm since 1995 in Aix-en-Provence and then Paris, QUADRA has become a leading advisor for Top Directors and Managers.

Organised into divisions, leaders in their respective field, we assist our clients in their search for managing directors and executives in the following fields : Food Sector Administration / Public Organisations / Real Estate and Social Housing / Environment / Energy / Automotive/ Healthcare / Pharmaceutical and Beauty Products / Events / Communication.

A member of INAC, a world network present in 30 countries, with a staff of 20 multilingual people (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Lebanese, Turk..), QUADRA assists companies, small businesses and leading stock-exchange listed groups.

A creator of managing teams, Quadra’s role is to advise the Manager, answer his individual needs, develop his modus operandi and reinforce his position, his influence, his action, as well as the conditions for his success and hence the success of his company.

Our commitment to you is our loyalty and the candidates we present. They become your strategic solutions and strengthen your success.
Our clients view their recruitments as strategic and capital investments:

In the short term : employers are expecting a rapid impact of the new human resource on the organizational framework in order to improve performance, reinforce the team’s synergies and ensure that their ambitions have been carried out as planned.

In the longer term : the recruitment allows a perspective on the organisation, the strategic positionning of the skakeholders and an identification of certain employees’s potential.

Jean-Marie LEROY

QUADRA’s Chairman


Being both a Recruitment Advisor and a Head of a company motivated me to open QUADRA in 1995.

And during 23 years, I have been deeply rewarded, on both aspects !

Being a Recruitment Consultant is a genuine profession where we evolve each day into better assessors of human talents, developing our empathy, our listening skills and our understanding of others.

I have always marvelled at the innate gifts shared by all humanity and how these develop in the “fertile soil” of a company. When Centhusiasm and motivation meet with vision and strategy, a professional and personal adventure is to be expected.

As the Head of a company, I took the same advice I had given to my clients.

I have spent 23 years of my life as a team builder, in a profession sensitive to the economic context and a victim of three economic crisis in 9 years! I have often felt like Sisyphe and its rock!

QUADRA has become, over the years, a national actor in the recruitment of executives and managers for companies and local administrations.

QUADRA has also a new perspective to the world as a member of the INAC International recruitment network, active in 39 countries. What a spirit of openness !

To create and then manage a long lasting company, employing consultants recognized by our clients for their expertise, has been my goal during this quarter of a century.

As for the candidates we have recruited, most of them could have become our friends and indeed, some have.

Our clients and our candidates, often share our values : a commitment to succeed, respect for each other, responsiveness, loyalty… and friendship.